United Church of Christ

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Joy is the Intersection of Pleasure and Meaning

Lillian Daniel

Joy is big and generous. Pain is short-sighted, and in the scheme of eternity, short-lived.

Singing to Bullies

Matt Laney

I look forward to the day when songs about bullies sung by women and other marginalized groups are no longer necessary.

Too Soon?

Vince Amlin

It's uncomfortable to be off balance and at sea, to live with a constant reminder of all that we've lost.

Give Me Jesus

Vicki Kemper

Advent's spiritual practices are all about waiting and watching and preparing and—did I mention waiting?

In Between Years

Emily C. Heath

In the world of the church, tomorrow starts a brand new year.


Quinn G. Caldwell

If you're a member of the UCC,  we've been working on inclusive language for God for a long time, playing with pronouns in order to recognize that God is both many-gendered and beyond gender.

Complicating Grace

Mary Luti

Saying grace on Thanksgiving Day is complicated.

What's Your Story?

Kenneth L. Samuel

The story has now been given to you and me.  If it is to stay relevant, it must be infused with a real sense of our own passion, experience and expression.

Jesus is Magic

Molly Baskette

My reluctance to put God to the test has been superseded by my need for a God who can and will be made manifest in my life in godlike ways.


Donna Schaper

The word "pester" is so interesting.  It means to bother.  To nag.  To bug.  Often when it comes to justice, we use less interesting verbs.