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Remember First, Hope Second

Donna Schaper

Television writer and producer Norman Lear, who is about to turn 93, was asked how he made it so long and so well.  He responded, "By knowing the difference between what is over and what is next."

Take My Hand

Tony Robinson

There is always an opportunity, with God, for a new beginning. 

Respecting the Mystery of God

Richard L. Floyd

"Studying theology is learning how to say the least wrong thing about God."

No Idol Words

Talitha Arnold

God may not have much to do with idols, but I sure do.

Fear Cannot Take the Lead

Kaji Douša

Fear cannot take the lead for any of our major advances.

Mouth Guard

Tony Robinson

There is a time to speak up and to speak out; and there is a time to be quiet, to refrain from speaking — even though we may wish with all that is in us to speak.

Getting There

Molly Baskette

My husband and I have a little in-phrase. "We're getting there," we have said to each other, at least 4,167 times in our 21 years together.

Sing Once, Pray Twice, or Just Sing Already

Lillian Daniel

"He who sings, prays twice," said the great church reformer Martin Luther. I've always thought that was kind of unfair to the people who don't like to sing.

Pastor as Pointer

Matt Laney

Surely no one in your church has the current or former minister on a pedestal so high they block out the cross.

Check Please!

Vince Amlin

I have a friend who insists on paying for everything.