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Equations of Grace

Jennifer Garrison Brownell

Read past the Sunday School moment in the fifth chapter of Luke and you will hear Jesus forgive the paralyzed man's sin and then be accused of blasphemy.  

Primal Response

Kaji Douša

If we’re ever wondering how to follow Jesus, the way is always through love. Following Jesus never means pointing a finger.

Who Could Stand?

Mary Luti

I'm so self-regarding that at the supreme moment of my ordination, the laying on of hands, when I should've been fixed on the power of the Holy Spirit, I was thinking, "Oh crap, my parents are here. They know me."

Medicine, but No Cure

Kenneth L. Samuel

Healing never really begins with medicine or therapy or health facilities. 

What if There are Two Kinds of Christians and We're Both Wrong?

Matt Fitzgerald

Many literalists believe that Jesus will come back angry. So they're looking in the wrong place, waiting on a revenge fantasy. Meanwhile, as a good liberal, I'm convinced that God must correspond to whatever modernity deems possible. So I'm not looking at all.

The Opportunity of the Fire

Jennifer Garrison Brownell

The Great Mystery does not cause terrible things to happen to punish us, or teach us a lesson, or make us stronger, or prepare us for a greater challenge. 

Of Princes and Presidents

Tony Robinson

Doesn't it just feel as if the 2016 Presidential campaign has already been going on forever?

Her Name was Grace

Richard L. Floyd

Is God's love unfair? You bet it is, and it's a good thing too, for who among us deserves such love?

It's In Our DNA

Talitha Arnold

Psalm 146 should be required reading for every political candidate running on the "I'm a Christian, so vote for me" platform.

Heaven's Praise

Children know how to be thankful, how to offer an unexpected word of praise