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Quinn G. Caldwell

Some people believe it's their duty to teach their kids not to swear.  I believe it's my job to teach my kid how to do it well. 

What You Can Learn from a Cheater

Tony Robinson

By falling into the trap of treating money as an end in itself, we miss things that are far more precious.

Turning the Corner

Kaji Douša

Every moment of every day, someone, somewhere is crying: How long, O Lord?

The Psalmist Gets the Blues

Martin B. Copenhaver

Lament is not whining.  God does not like whiners.  Whiners always find a way to whine, regardless of the circumstances, whereas lament is a legitimate response to hardship.

"Climate Change"

Kenneth L. Samuel

It's now time that we face forthrightly the climate that produced the hate crime at the night club in Orlando. 


John A. Nelson

Doctrinal cross-examination leads us into a fog of seeming rationality that actually obscures the Creator.

Plowing Ahead

Emily C. Heath

The thing about Jesus is he doesn't stand still. He isn't a tree or fence post that doesn't move. That means that at the end of your life, when you've followed him as far as you can on this side of existence, you won't look back and see a straight line. 


Quinn G. Caldwell

Ask any queer person you know, and chances are they'll have a story to tell you about a place like this.

Desire Paths

Vince Amlin

A desire path is the trail that pops up on a lawn when enough people take the same shortcut.

Alone in the Dark

Molly Baskette

The last time I lived alone was half a lifetime ago. There is a sweet joy in it, the freedom to leave my socks around, to eat ice cream for dinner without reproach, to keep all hours without disturbing another.