United Church of Christ

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Donna Schaper

The whole concept of touch is undergoing a major transformation.


Tony Robinson

Drifting down a river on a hot July day is a pretty great thing to do. But drifting isn't always cool.

Real Freedom

Richard L. Floyd

Today we celebrate Independence Day. There will be many speeches about freedom, an ideal much treasured among us. But we must acknowledge that many living in slavery in 1776 did not become free that July 4.

A Nation of Need

Talitha Arnold

On this day before the national celebration of freedom, it would be good to remember how we’re also connected to one another.


Kaji Douša

or many, ground shifts are a daily reality.

Not Later--Now

In the 1960’s, my mother and father left the church they grew up in for many reasons. One thing they really objected to was the idea that we shouldn’t ask for too much in life because we’ll get our reward in Heaven—also known as “pie in the sky, in the bye and bye.”

The Privilege of Giving

Emily C. Heath

Most churches dread stewardship season.

Socializing with Sinners

Lillian Daniel

Last Sunday we welcomed new members to our church. Coincidentally, I was preaching about one of many Bible stories where Jesus is criticized for socializing with sinners. 

Crossing Over

Matt Laney

Christianity (and life) is all about crossing over.

Thy Gold to Refine

Vince Amlin

If the Ark of the Covenant is dross, what can I be sure is gold? Which of my beloved traditions or beliefs can I withhold from the refiner's fire?