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Still Life Goes On

Kaji Douša

God, help us to bear good fruit.

Song of Peace

Jennifer Garrsion Brownell

The hum of war is a persistent earworm that you can hear, it seems, wherever you go.

Change Happens

Lillian Daniel

There is no one who can't use more of what this scripture has to offer.

The Badge of Busyness

Matthew Laney

Of all the commandments, keeping Sabbath is the most counter-intuitive.

Easter Eggs

Vince Amlin

I can still conjure up the feeling of being a kid on Easter morning, the magic of waking up to a world transformed.

Simon the Great

Molly Baskette

It is always galling to those who have power, privilege and wealth (among them: you and you and me) to discover that there are still things that money can't buy.

"Pop Life"

Kenneth L. Samuel

 "Life it ain't real funky unless it's got that pop . . . "

He Won't Be with Us Long

Mary Luti

It's one thing to make a place for the poor at your own benevolent discretion. It's another when they come by every day . . .

Dysfunction with a View

Ron Buford

As the Saturday Night Live character Rosanne Rosannadanna used to say, "If it's not one thing, it's another"—especially if you're living in poverty.


Kenneth L. Samuel

I know it's not a very liberal or progressive notion . . .