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Kenneth L. Samuel

There is liberating power when we live authentically in the flow of who we truly are and in the things we've truly earned and in the gifts we truly possess.  


Mary Luti

The world's suffering is immense, and the forces that profit from this pain are not about to let anyone come even a tiny step closer to fixing it without a deadly fight.

Holding Hands

Matt Fitzgerald

No one would ever say this: "I've got a great idea for a restaurant! Hungry senior citizens served by kids who argue when they're asked to clear the table."

Job's Friends

Emily C. Heath

Have you ever known someone like Job's friends? Someone who comes in during the midst of tragedy and tries to find an easy explanation for what happened?

Freedom for What?

Vince Amlin

Paul reminds the Christians in Galatia that for them freedom is never an end in itself.

Pleasing the Teacher

Molly Baskette

A couple months after I finished chemotherapy, when my hair was just long enough that it could have been a cute lesbian hairdo instead of a chemo patient's, I went to Zumba for the first time.

Review Your Job Description

Lillian Daniel

If the heart of the gospel is that everybody gets to grow and change, our various job descriptions should always be open to review.

A Face to Die For

Matt Laney

Seeing the face of God is our purpose.

Beware of the Side Effects

Robert Naylor                

Beware of the possible side effects is the message of the day.  That warning is also at the heart of all the teachings of our faith.

In Hindsight

Vince Amlin

When I need to get a piece of writing perfect, I take the advice of a Middle School English teacher who taught me to read backwards.