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Matt Laney

If mixing geo-political questions with religion is not your morning cup of devotional tea, stop now and read your Bible instead, where you will find more geo-political issues blended with religion.  Anyway…


Donna Schaper

I have been thinking about spending the spring working through some of the nature texts in the Bible for a sermon series.  When I started my search I realized that very few were NOT about nature.


Idol Making

Matt Fitzgerald

Equating God with an appreciation for nature risks suggesting that those who cannot afford leafy tree-lined streets don’t have equal access to the divine. Less than two miles from my house there are kids running down the street in order to dodge bullets, not peep leaves.

Paper Boats

Molly Baskette

A sacrament is: an outward and visible sign of an inner and invisible event. Sometimes, our bodies do things we wish our spirits could do.

Bring It!

Jared A. Rardin

Don’t wait to see the evidence that God’s good news is coming.  Be the evidence that God’s good news is already here! 


Donna Schaper

Psychologists tell us that the most powerful experience people can have is to be recognized. 

No, Not Alone

Kenneth Samuel

People are connecting the dots and finding that a threat to justice anywhere is really a threat to justice everywhere.


Mary Luti

Wherever Jesus went, things shook loose.

From A Quiet Table

Matt Fitzgerald

Jesus is always working wonders, saving days, rescuing relationships. And more often than not, he does so silently.

Late Arrivals

Emily C. Heath

Not all of us make it to the manger on time, and some of us take a little longer to have an epiphany.