United Church of Christ

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This Kind of Help Is Messy

Jennifer Brownell

What should the church do about overnight guests?

Dougie and Steve Are After You

Matt Fitzgerald

Dietrich Bonhoeffer says the world will always scare us.

Love is Our Only Hope

Traci Blackmon

Murder is a by-product of people who have lost their love. Love is our only hope.

Gods Without Godliness

Kenneth L. Samuel

Unrealized potential is the ongoing lament of life. 

Death and Life in a Small New Hampshire Church

Martin B. Copenhaver

They say the church is dying.  Don’t you believe it.


Donna Schaper

The whole concept of touch is undergoing a major transformation.


Tony Robinson

Drifting down a river on a hot July day is a pretty great thing to do. But drifting isn't always cool.

Real Freedom

Richard L. Floyd

Today we celebrate Independence Day. There will be many speeches about freedom, an ideal much treasured among us. But we must acknowledge that many living in slavery in 1776 did not become free that July 4.

A Nation of Need

Talitha Arnold

On this day before the national celebration of freedom, it would be good to remember how we’re also connected to one another.


Kaji Douša

or many, ground shifts are a daily reality.