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Ghastly Prayer

Mary Luti

What I pray for when I'm distraught, terrified, enraged, or overwhelmed is not what I pray for when I'm peaceful, content, hopeful, and safe.

The Mercy Seat

Kenneth L. Samuel

Our places of worship are places where God's mercy meets the madness of our lives. 

Making Toast

Donna Schaper

What would life be like if we lived beyond and without blame? 

A Time for Something New 

Emily C. Heath

In the 1960's a band put the words of Ecclesiastes to music, and the world came to know them not so much as Scripture, but as song.

Standing on the Promises

Tony Robinson

These promises are truly stirring.

Don't Mistake Sin

Donna Schaper

Often we mistake sin for its disguises in right and wrong behavior.

Call Us This Day

Jennifer Brownell

"Would you like to receive ashes today?"  We asked one person after another.

How Goes Your Soul?

Talitha Arnold

Your mind may be filled with lists of things to do or problems to solve. Your heart may be brimming with new life or breaking with sorrow. But how is it with your soul?

Face Time

Vicki Kemper

Forgiveness and new life are ours for the asking; all we have to do is turn around.

What God Craves

Bob Thompson

What God longs to get through to us is this: "I just want you to be with me and discover that our relationship is not about performance or having you please me."