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Remembering Grace

Emily C. Heath

Perhaps this is wrong, but I have a hard time trusting church people who never admit imperfection.

Until the Tenderness is Real

Matt Fitzgerald

When you pray, how do you begin?

Cat Brains

Ron Buford

Ever notice the way cats can seem to treat their owners as if their owners exist to solely fulfill their cat desires?

This Retirement Stuff Is Hard

Tony Robinson

"We've got to talk, this retirement stuff is HARD"

Out of Bounds

Richard L. Floyd

The people of God have always wrestled with the question of where God's Spirit is at work.

Introverts and Extroverts

Martin B. Copenhaver

I am convinced Jesus was an introvert.

Small Letter, Big Spirit

John A. Nelson

Scripture sets so many traps.

Expecting an Answer

Kaji Dousa

Are you prepared to trust in God's response?

When "Sorry" Seems to be the Easiest Word

Lillian Daniel

After a terrorist atrocity, I hate seeing Muslims at a news conference being forced to apologize for something they didn't do.


Matt Laney

The good news is, stones and stoners don't have the last word.