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Big Boy Pants

Matt Laney

"Gird up your loins!" Chances are you've run across that in the Bible more than once.  If not you've really been missing out. Rarely do we have the opportunity to use "gird" and "loins" in the same sentence.

Of Faith and Flavor

John Nelson

It's odd to praise chocolate during Lent. My apologies, if you've given it up.

What's That on Your Face?

John Edgerton

I envy the conviction of people with extensive tattoos.  From twenty feet away their hands or arms or faces mark them as different, distinct, committed to living out their path.

Once We Were Strangers

Richard L. Floyd

These are our stories, not merely here in America, but throughout the world. There are still many "displaced persons" among the human family. They face unique challenges every day.

Exercise Your God-Given Maturity

Lillian Daniel

I would like to think that God is always bringing out the best in people, but sometimes it seems like people act their very worst around God.

No Improvement

Mary Luti

The people who are out to make a fast buck in cyberspace regard me as the most pathetic of human beings. They look at my life and weep.

Sometimes, Play Is Work

Alan Parker

Most of my close friends are not church-goers.

King of the Mountain

Matt Laney

Whose rules will you follow today?

In Situ

Mary Luti

The Rev. Jed Mannis sets up a communion table on the Cambridge Common every Sunday and leads the homeless members of the Outdoor Church in worship.

"The Little Things"

Matt Fitzgerald

When I was a child head lice got a kid stigmatized. Today head lice are the new normal.