United Church of Christ

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Emily C. Heath

Here is what I think is the best one line synopsis of what it means to live a Christian life.

Prayers on the Clothesline

Lillian Daniel

In Tibetan Buddhism there is not a sense that religious life is exotic or separate from everyday living.

Another Reason to Rejoice

Kenneth L. Samuel

How many times have we felt the need to look beyond Christians in order to find Christ?

Your Complete Attention

Jennifer Garrison Brownell

When was the last time God had your complete attention?


Mary Luti

Is God enough? Yes, and we could use a new rug for the den. Isn't God all we desire? Yes, and don't you just love the new spring green Kitchen Aid mixer?

Thrice Removed

Matt Laney

When it comes to revealing God, words - even the Bible's words - sometimes fail us. Churches do too.

The Unity in the United Church of Christ

Donna Schaper

When history is written – especially about the UNITED Church of Christ – it will be very important to remember all the steps along the way.

Where Are You?

Matt Fitzgerald

Perhaps God doesn't have power in the crude way our fallen minds define the word.

A "Grown Folks’ Conversation"

Kenneth L. Samuel

As a young boy, I would often watch my mother conversing with friends and relatives.  Every now and then, she would turn to me and say: "This is a grown folks’ conversation."  That was my directive to leave the room. 

Choir Shoes

John Edgerton

Since becoming a minister I've learned something that those of you who sit in the pews might not have known.