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Sunday, Sunday

Molly Baskette

Sunday afternoons are a wasteland. Somehow, there is always not enough energy and too much day left at the end of the day on Sunday afternoons.

You Belong

Donna Schaper

The children of Israel knew very little about blogging or social media or populations exploding and tipping. Not one of them had email or a Facebook account.  But they did know what it meant to not belong. 

I've Got Your Back

Ron Buford

When we pray and even before we pray, God takes time to know us, intimately. Should we not do the same for others?


Quinn G. Caldwell

What I notice more often than not, at least in the church, is that the saints who have become skilled at lamentation also tend to have become skilled at other things: gentleness, generosity, commiseration, comforting.

You Do Not Answer

Mary Luti

You know this, but hear it again: the Christian life isn't about feeling feelings or acquiring spiritual experiences. Baptism ushers us into a life of greater depth than that—a life of faith.

OMG! I just took God’s name in vain!

Richard L. Floyd

Words have power, and the words we use about God are among the most powerful there are.

"O Lord—how long?"

Christina Villa

"O Lord—how long?" can just be a prayer for patience in places like the airport or the department of motor vehicles—or it can be something more.

How Can I Keep From Singing?

Martin B. Copenhaver

Would you sing under these circumstances? 


Quinn G. Caldwell

God never just frees people from things; God always also frees them for things.

How Long?

Elissa Johnk

While I might feel that the virulence and frequency of racial violence is increasing, it's not. I am just slowly awakening to the privilege of my own life experiences.