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Crossing Over

Matt Laney

Christianity (and life) is all about crossing over.

Thy Gold to Refine

Vince Amlin

If the Ark of the Covenant is dross, what can I be sure is gold? Which of my beloved traditions or beliefs can I withhold from the refiner's fire?

Pow! Wow! How?

Molly Baskette

I learned a new twist on an age-old spiritual practice called the Ignatian Examen at youth group the other day. It's called Pow Wow How.

Lions and Curses and Prayers, Oh My

Jennifer Garrison Brownell

Your pastor must discern which of the myriad requests they field each day are truly the command of the Lord and which are the clamoring of other voices.  Remember this. 

Joy in the Morning

Talitha Arnold

How joy comes isn't as important as that it will come--for you, for me, for this whole world.

How We Heal

Mary Luti

The miracle isn't the healing. The miracle is that one person decides not to stand aloof from another person's pain. The wonder isn't that people are healed, it's that they're loved like that.

The Wrong Kind of Fire

Kenneth L. Samuel

Sometimes, in our 'come as you are,' laissez-faire attitudes, we lose sight of the importance of precision.  We even blur the distinctions between mediocrity and excellence. 

Dancing About Architecture

Matt Fitzgerald

Some things just have to be experienced.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Some people believe it's their duty to teach their kids not to swear.  I believe it's my job to teach my kid how to do it well. 

What You Can Learn from a Cheater

Tony Robinson

By falling into the trap of treating money as an end in itself, we miss things that are far more precious.