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Genre Fatigue in Vegas

Lillian Daniel

Excess makes us miss restraint.

Just As I Am

Richard L. Floyd

Is God really like a Santa Claus character who "sees you when you're sleeping" or a prying parent who stalks your Facebook page?


Matt Laney

So often we stumble and bumble, going through the motions, mechanically punching in and punching out, dragging ourselves through a caffeine withdrawal-like state.


Mary Luti

For Jesus, the kingdom comes by wonder and strategy, protest and ecstasy, imagination and politics . . .

Can We Please Talk About Something Else?

John Edgerton

Although we are allowed to have favorites among scripture, we're not allowed to ignore any of it, especially not the parts we find difficult.

Functional Atheism

Molly Baskette

One of the great sicknesses of the 21st century is our solitariness, our isolation from each other and from God.

Joseph's Tears

Mary Luti

Sometimes we have to trust the sufficiency of tears.

Made to Rest

Kenneth L. Samuel

The image of the Energizer Bunny is cute when applied to batteries, but quite dangerous when applied to living creatures.

Costly Grace

Ron Buford

Does someone in your life need your forgiveness? Is that person you?


Quinn G. Caldwell

This type of thing is exactly why I don't understand biblical literalists.