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Please Check Your Privilege, It’s Too Large to Carry On

As a white person, I carry privilege all the time.  Privilege of which I am not even aware. Privilege that just makes me want more privilege. It’s past time to check that baggage.

Free Range God

King David had misgivings about a “free-range God.” Quite often, so do we: preferring God to stay where we put Them as a mirror of our own values and biases.

Your Money or Your Love

“Good Jesus, money matters. We need it. But don’t let us damage relationships to get it. Don’t let our hearts fill with cash the space that is reserved for love.”

Just Checking

Spontaneity can be grossly overrated. Serendipitous moments are exciting but hardly sustaining. Sustained discipleship requires a lot of preparation and a lot of checks and balances.


Bless a baptismal font filled with water, and you have before you: the stuff you’re made of, more important than food, stronger than stone. Not just a symbol of grace but the real thing.

God, Help Me Not to Mess This Up

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer." - Psalm 19

Your Children are Not Your Children

We who parent are a tool in the hand of the Divine, working with the wood grain of children to help them become who God intends them to be. But God alone is the Carpenter.


Do we attract folks when we use modern vernacular in the life of faith? Or is that taking the Lord’s name in vain? Are we against cursing or are we against people being damned?

Living the Risen Life

“A new kind of life” sounds pretty good to me since the old kind of life I have lived often has left a lot to be desired. Resurrection reminds me that Christ keeps working in me.

For the Sake of Love

In the midst of evil, Abraham lifted up the possibility for transformation. He pointed out that goodness was not lost. Abraham reminded God that love will win. Love will win!