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It Takes Longer

John Nelson

I know that I'm being made into the image of Christ. It's just taking longer than I thought it would.



Donna Schaper

What then is our armor?  It is our vulnerability.

As I Ponder the Logistics of Noah's Ark

Lillian Daniel

Imagine what it smelled like on Noah's ark.

Us Too

Mary Luti

Little changes until we stop telling the story of our innocence and their guilt.

Our Disgust is a Holy Gift

Matt Fitzgerald

The disgust we feel when confronted by a believer's claim to know the mind of God is a holy gift.

Nothing Special

Emily C. Heath

When I was a hospice chaplain I saw a lot of people die with regrets.

Sorry for the Sloppy Sound Bite

Lillian Daniel

Sometimes, in our desire for a sound bite or a slogan, we sacrifice meaning, nuance and depth.

Off to Great Places

Kenneth L. Samuel

The journey of self-discovery is the most amazing journey of all, because worlds outside of us have little meaning unless they touch and inspire the worlds inside of us.


Welcome Table

Vince Amlin

Ray's home is a 6-foot by 9-foot cell on Florida's Death Row. It was from this tiny room that he joined our community three decades ago.


Matt Laney

If mixing geo-political questions with religion is not your morning cup of devotional tea, stop now and read your Bible instead, where you will find more geo-political issues blended with religion.  Anyway…