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Cain, I Am

Matt Laney

God shows astounding mercy and compassion for Cain after his horrible crime.  Just as God provided protective clothing for Adam and Eve after their big mistake, so God protects Cain after his. 

A Blessing for God's Handy-Persons

Maren Tirabassi

Until my son Matt became a master bicycle mechanic, I didn't know there was such a trade. Not a job, a trade.

Queen Jesus

Dwight Lee Wolter

A swarm of thousands of bees suddenly appeared, clinging to a chain link fence near my driveway.

Can I Live Here?

Kenneth L. Samuel

When we live our faith in the love we share, in the service we give and in the justice we promote, we never leave the holy place, because we personify it.

Christian Creativity

Anthony B. Robinson

It takes a certain Christian creativity to alter the normal flow and extend mercy and forgiveness to others while examining ourselves honestly. 

Hard-Headed Hope

Talitha Arnold

Hope is often under siege, whether in Paul's time or ours. One glance at the daily news makes hope seem naive and those who hold hope appear foolish.

Hit the Books!

Quinn G. Caldwell

Any scientist will tell you that behind every"Eureka!" lie thousands of hours of labor.  So too with becoming a disciple.

Saint John Vianney (1786-1859)

Mary Luti

His seminary teachers thought John Vianney was too stupid to be a priest. But his pastor said he was pious, so the bishop ordained him.

Eternal Life

Donna Schaper

Eternity doesn't come later; it comes now.  

From Blindfolds to 20/20 Vision

Ron Buford

We sometimes pray as if we know what we need.