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Quinn G. Caldwell

God's hoping for a lot more from you than just good public manners. Isaiah says God's given you—you!—as a light to the nations.

I Met Jesus and My Life Is Not Better

Tony Robinson

Being touched and blessed by Jesus may not mean our lives are suddenly successful, as society defines success.


Quinn G. Caldwell

On Palm Sunday, Jesus starts a very difficult journey. He's about to walk a hard road to a terrible place.

Let's Tell the Truth This Holy Week

Talitha Arnold

Jewish-Christian relations have changed, thank God, in the last decades, but as Christians, we still need to pay attention to how we tell the story of Holy Week.

Lord, Should We Go Target Shooting?

Matt Fitzgerald

Could your church turn out a fifth-grade pacifist in a gun-crazed town? How about in a gun-crazed nation? 

Eternal Life

Donna Schaper

Eternity has that big sound, like a thunderstorm that will come later in the day or something grand that is just beyond our reach. 

Same God

Matt Laney

It's not true that the New Testament God is a God of love while the Old Testament God is a God of wrath. It's the same God.

Always Contrite

Mary Luti

The best heart to have would be an always contrite heart. A heart that knows failure is one of the best friends the soul could have. 

Can You Stand Success?

Kenneth L. Samuel

What happens when we achieve our goals and accomplish our aims? What happens when our days of struggle give way to days of triumph? What happens when Lent relents to Resurrection?

Holy Weeping

Richard L. Floyd

When we "weep with those who weep," and I am convinced that in these holy moments God weeps with us.