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Tony Robinson

Bad news/ Good news: we have been deposed from our self-made thrones, brought down from the high ground where we judge others while assuring ourselves of our perfect virtue. 

Jesus Wonder

Jennifer Garrison Brownell

Like mothers in every time and place, Mary sang for comfort, for hope and for survival. Her song became his song. And his song became the world's.

Thin Places

Richard L. Floyd

Unexpected encounters with the Holy seem to happen in times of crisis.

The Last Present Under the Tree

Molly Baskette

Advent is the last present under the tree, the one we can wonder about, the thing we haven't gotten that we most long for.

Too Busy for That

Emily C. Heath

Every year, in every church I have served, at least one faithful church member comes to me to let me know they won't be at Christmas Eve worship. 

Labs Can't Help But Leap 

Matt Fitzgerald

God exists to be worshiped, but at Christmas God comes to serve us.

I'm What?

Ron Buford

Mary's prophecy in this text is still coming true. People of the light still believe and work for it to this day.

Two Senses

Quinn G. Caldwell

There's not a lot of room left in the world for wondering these days.  When was the last time you said, "I wonder what . . ."  or "I wonder how . . ." or "I wonder who . . ." and didn't just head straight for Wikipedia?

God Bless Us Every One

Maren Tirabassi

Charles Dickens reminds us that God can use remarkable dreams to open a person's heart.

In Common

Mary Luti

It may be the thing we long for most . . .to let go of our aggression and fear and whatever else in us keeps us tied to violence, and bend together over a child in shared wonder and gratitude.