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Ask and Receive

Donna Schaper

Get up tomorrow morning and get help to get over old injuries. Have a resurrection breakfast. 


Tony Robinson

 Jesus himself doesn't speak of the family in a simple or unproblematic way. He challenges family and redefines it—radically.

Relax, It's Saturday

Lillian Daniel

How long is your "to-do" list for this Saturday?

God Bless You

Mary Luti

Not everyone gets to hear that they're worth everything to someone.

We Don't Know Much

Matt Fitzgerald

Jesus is God's ultimate revelation, but he speaks in riddles. He beguiles. He retains God's mystery. Jesus is hard to understand.

Out of the Depths

Emily C. Heath

One of the things I love about the Psalms is that they do not try to make it all better. Instead, they give us honesty.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Job. Few people in the Bible are more eloquent or, frankly, more right in what they're saying.  

Sleep, Play and Worship

Tony Robinson

Sleep: what a great gift God has given us!

Rebuking Jesus

Matthew Laney

Sometimes I think Jesus, being God's son and everything, just doesn't understand the problems of everyday people.

Our Dwelling Place

Kenneth L. Samuel

Our locations change from time to time.  But isn't it good to know that in the spirit of God's welcoming embrace, we can always come home?