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Vicki Kemper

Pronouns are more important than you think.

Gotta Have It

Matt Laney

 "Do not covet your neighbor's stuff" is the last of the Ten Commandments. I would have put it first.

Sleepless Nights

Vince Amlin

Unsurprisingly, my first year as a parent has been full of sleepless nights.

Why I Need Church More than It Needs Me

Molly Baskette

I am getting to find out whether I am a good person, living a good life, without a church.

Gather Up the Duct Tape

Talitha Arnold

The Christian church has many symbols for Resurrection—lilies, eggs, butterflies. I'd like to add some more—a sock, plastic tubing, and duct tape. 

High Horse

Quinn G. Caldwell

Stories, especially the important ones, have a way of picking up embellishments and details over time.

Finding the Perfect Church

Richard L. Floyd

After I retired from active pastoral ministry my wife and I were ecclesiastically homeless for a few years. We went to church, but we couldn't commit to one.

We All Have Our Moments

Kenneth L. Samuel

Life is more than the accumulation of the good and bad moments we experience.  Life is also the hope that defies current desperation.

A Window and a Witness

Matt Fitzgerald

At my kids' school a police officer addressed the question of what to do when home alone. "Whatever else happens, don't answer the door."

A Clear Heart

Donna Schaper

Imagine how restored our salvation would be if we were less focused on ourselves, more intimate with God, and more fully human.