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Mundanity and Messes

Jennifer Garrison Brownell

The world is often astonishingly gorgeous, and sometimes unbearably terrible. We often look for, and find, God's presence very strongly in those times.  But most of the time, the world is neither of those things.

Against the Pinched

Quinn G. Caldwell

When the letter of the law gets in the way of the Spirit of praise, when the rules are used to elevate oneself over others, when those who love God so much they can't help it get beaten down by those who are and must always be "right," Jesus gets mad.

Final Accounting

Emily C. Heath

Sometimes we all need a brutal reminder of the fact that we are living with the limited resource of time, and that one day we will have exhausted our supply.

Is There a Heart in the Treasury?

Kenneth L. Samuel

If there is a continuous disconnect between what we say we value in our hearts and how we spend our dollars, then perhaps we're just not being true.

"Mystic Sweet Communion"

Richard L. Floyd

"The commonwealth of heaven becomes more dear with each loss below." I took comfort from those words, and on many occasions since when I have lost someone to death.


Tony Robinson

This business of self-renunciation is a tricky matter. I can think of whole lot of ways to get it wrong.    

Gleeful in the Graveyard

Matt Fitzgerald

In the middle of vacation my wife and I took our kids to my father's grave. 


Mary Luti

Remember in mercy, O God, all who perished on that day. And remember us who live and mourn, struggling to hear, struggling to believe, struggling to obey the awful law of love.

Learning to Love the Bomb

Molly Baskette

How can we, in this life, accept sorrow, even keening sorrow, as the consequence of having really loved someone, and continuing to love them even though they’re on a plane we cannot reach?

Good Things Travel by Word of Mouth

John Edgerton

Tell one person today about how God has been a blessing in your life.