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He Fell on His Face

Every congregation, every social justice organization, has earth-shattering crises when we fall on our faces in despair, in exhaustion, in shame, in humility, in prayer.

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

The troubles of our context cannot negate the blessed assurance of our consciousness.

In Your Hands

The suffering of grief, both present and anticipatory, is painful and real, and it will remain as long as we remain divided, as long as power is used to harm rather than heal.

Previously On…

If you, like me, are having days where it feels like the story is coming to an end, remember. All you have been through to get to this point. All the obstacles overcome.

Mud Lake

When I was new to kayaking, I would never have discovered Mud Lake unless someone had told me what it felt like, smelled like, looked like, and had brought me there in person.

Earth’s Joy

While humanity observes a relative degree silence – whether from virus or fatigue, with grief or frustration – all the earth continues to sing God’s praise.

One-Hit Wonder

Karaoke is one of the activities I do when I’m reaching for joy. Belting ‘I Will Survive’ to dancing strangers makes joy seem possible again.

Learn to Weep

In these awful days of virus-related illness and death, whenever we’re asked why these things happen, let’s not be quick to answer.

Suffering is Optional

We can’t get through life without pain. From temporary toothaches to enduring heartbreaks, pain is part of the human condition.

Manna and Meat

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needsYou can need meat and be grateful for manna at the same time. So thank God for the basics, and thank God, too, for those things essential for full—not just minimal—life.