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I Believe We Will Win!

The person on the bullhorn began, ‘I believe we will win! I believe we will win!’ I repeated the words with the crowd, but inside I was asking, ‘Is this true?’

I’m Back!

Jesus told us not to be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. It is only when we face and overcome our fears of death that we become free to live.


God, set fire to our hearts instead of the world: that we can learn to live with and not against the Earth, and the people who know Her best.

Dude in the Ditch

The burning question of the parable is: Are you willing to be rescued by someone you despise, someone you assume despises you?

Longing for Sanctuary

Despite our longing to be back in the sanctuary, God’s steadfast love is not limited to a physical space. God’s love is our true sanctuary.


As a model of strength and self-possession, I didn’t think Vashti could get any better. I was wrong.

Shackles of Defeat

Paul took the chains of the state and preached fearless liberation. The state may have had him in shackles, but he would be bound to nothing but the love of God.

Keeping Promises

If your beloved children show up in our church, whether as children or as elders, we will love and care for them as our own, as God’s own. Will you please do the same?

They Sang a Hymn

If you’re of a certain age, you remember freedom songs above the blows and snarling dogs. It’s no surprise that when despots come to power, they first purge the poets and singers.

Virtual Shepherds

I see you, fellow shepherd, and you are amazing. You’ve MacGyvered quarantine church. Your pluck is one way to be what 1 Peter calls ‘an example.’