United Church of Christ

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For the poor, what God wants is an upheaval of society so the poor at last have enough – and for the well-to-do, an upheaval of society so that no one will have too much.

Humility and Unity

There is a way back to each other. It depends upon those who seek to govern treating every one of us with dignity and respect.

Knowing God

People who know God are often scary. They can drive you to deep reckoning with light they radiate.

Keep Your Eyes Watching God

There is a place we go in the struggle where we can perceive God with more clarity and truth than we possibly could anywhere else.

Got Your ID?

The sacrifices we are willing to make for the causes we claim to believe in say more about who we are than any of our self-assertions.

Early or Late

Nothing is the way it once was, no two days in a row are the same, and our reflective time has been disrupted. I’ve come to a place where something needs to shift.

In the Wee Small Hours

The moon is spending more time in the autumn skies, whispering another necessary truth: The lengthening hours of the night are a gift for our repentance and restoration.

Founded on Rock

We were built to withstand the storm, to give shelter to those threatened by the rising waters, to serve as a testament to the indestructible power of love.


Even when we humans find ourselves subsisting for what seems like eternity on paper-thin hopes, we’re still able to dream a different world.


Jesus did not define family by blood or race, by shared history, or by biological relationship. Jesus radically redefined family: ‘Whoever does the will of God is my family.’