United Church of Christ

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The Ministry of Encouragement

Richard L. Floyd

The Christian life is a team sport.

Who Can?

Matt Laney

God helps those who cannot help themselves.


Mary Luti

Sometimes I'm asked to name Christianity's most distinctive practice. I always say forgiveness. Some people object. Not love?

Aside from that . . .

John Edgerton

The way the Bible is written, it assumes that people are going to have some questions.

Christmas Lights in Lent

Molly Baskette

At our house, we leave our Christmas lights up until nigh on Easter some years.

Dull and Deadly

Matt Fitzgerald

It's good to be bored by sin. After all, we're intimately familiar with it.


Donna Schaper

Blaming the victim is often but not always wrong.


Quinn G. Caldwell

You know what would make Christianity a lot easier?


Emily C. Heath

Ever have an incredible spiritual experience? One where you felt the presence of God so close to you?

Can You Keep a Secret?

Vince Amlin

Here's the secret about secrets.