United Church of Christ

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Quinn G. Caldwell

When was the last time you heard the word "redeem" outside of church?

God, Help Me Not to Mess This Up

Emily C. Heath

What would it be like if we each started our day with a quick prayer asking God to help us not mess up?

Raised Expectations

Vince Amlin

"What do you expect of me as a fellow church member?"

Do You Really Have To Ask?

Kenneth L. Samuel

It's much easier to pose questions than it is to really listen and respect the answers given.  

Kicked Out or Freed?

Lillian Daniel

God could have created us like little house cats, where God would deliver a little bowl of water, a little bit of food and a garden full of cat nip.

The Ministry of Encouragement

Richard L. Floyd

The Christian life is a team sport.

Who Can?

Matt Laney

God helps those who cannot help themselves.


Mary Luti

Sometimes I'm asked to name Christianity's most distinctive practice. I always say forgiveness. Some people object. Not love?

Aside from that . . .

John Edgerton

The way the Bible is written, it assumes that people are going to have some questions.

Christmas Lights in Lent

Molly Baskette

At our house, we leave our Christmas lights up until nigh on Easter some years.