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Simon the Great

Molly Baskette

It is always galling to those who have power, privilege and wealth (among them: you and you and me) to discover that there are still things that money can't buy.

"Pop Life"

Kenneth L. Samuel

 "Life it ain't real funky unless it's got that pop . . . "

He Won't Be with Us Long

Mary Luti

It's one thing to make a place for the poor at your own benevolent discretion. It's another when they come by every day . . .

Dysfunction with a View

Ron Buford

As the Saturday Night Live character Rosanne Rosannadanna used to say, "If it's not one thing, it's another"—especially if you're living in poverty.


Kenneth L. Samuel

I know it's not a very liberal or progressive notion . . .

Keep It In the Ground

Donna Schaper

On this Earth Day, my mouth is shut and my praise diminished because of my dismay.

Is Lite Rock Evil?

Matt Fitzgerald

That's the thing with evil. It isn't always obvious. It slips, it slides, it insinuates itself. 

When Someone Pisses You Off

Jesus' antagonists here in the Gospel of John were deeply pissed, so much so that they were ready to stone him.

"Prone to Wander"

Richard L. Floyd

One of the earliest and most abiding Christian insights about human nature is that we were made for God, but keep turning away.

The Earth: More Than a Footnote 

Talitha Arnold

"All God's critters got a place in your choir."