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What’s in a Name?

Hospitality requires willingness to be uncomfortable but not unsafe. It requires placing the last first and the first last. We must work hard to get it right.

Insatiable Truth

In elementary school, many lunches never made it into the intended students’ bodies as they were traded for desserts, pencils, or even coveted spots in line next to crushes.

Don't Congratulate a Cat on its Landing

If you hear one crying out for help, don’t listen in dispassionately like you’re a scientist performing an experiment on resilience, waiting to see how things turn out. Step up.

Q Source

Who gets to decide what truth is, and what criteria do they use? How do we persist past the religion of “our own whims and lusts” here in our own last days?


Jesus won’t wait for you to be perfect before calling you to follow him. Not even Jesus has that much time.

Standing in the Breach

Moses understood that even though he had the moral responsibility to oppose the people’s transgressions, he also had the moral responsibility to intercede on their behalf.

Our Steady Center

Thank you, O God, for your steadfast love that never leaves us. In grief, anxiety, and shock, help us to find our steady center in you.

Talking Points

If you want to find a prophet, it's easy. Look for the one speaking repentance to the self-satisfied and the one speaking hope to the doomed.

The Repairman

I live by a general rule: Don’t try to fix people. You are not a repairman. You are also in need of repair. Relationship is better than repair.

What We Will Be

Holy God, drain us of derision and contempt. Render us stock-still before the glory of each other’s soaring flight.