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I Will Pray When You Cannot

Vicki Kemper

Perhaps you, like me, know someone who's been wandering in the wilderness way too long.  


Emily C. Heath

Malcolm Gladwell, the journalist and author, has a theory.


Quinn G. Caldwell

Not being in school any more, I don't pay as much attention to footnotes as I used to.


Mary Luti

For the sake of the church at Philippi, Paul chose to remain. 

Somebody Say Something

Kenneth L. Samuel

National Geographic reports that the world's newest religion is no religion.

Christian Inactivism

Matt Fitzgerald

In 1937 H. Richard Niebuhr wrote that in a moment of political crisis, there are four kinds of inactivity.

Becoming New

Donna Schaper

I don't want to pick a fight about baptism so much as to say that the ritual itself may need a good long look.

Faith Is Simple (But Not Easy)

Anthony Robinson

I was fired up about faith moving mountains, but suddenly stopped short by "Forgive, if you have anything against anyone."

The Comfortless Time

Richard L. Floyd

When I was eighteen years old my mother died.

Unify Us

Marchaé Grair

Many church folks are guilty of confusing assimilation and unity to the detriment of the people they try to welcome into churches.