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I'm Back!

Kenneth L. Samuel

It is only when we face and overcome our fears of death that we become free to live.

The Long Winter

Molly Baskette

Why do we have to have winter?

Less Boasting

Donna Schaper

Hunger for recognition is Human Being 101.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Richard L. Floyd

God looks beyond outward appearances.

The Dry Bones of Depression

Lillian Daniel

Can these dry bones live?


Alan Parker

How did it happen that this sweet, simple, unutterably sacred song became an object of ridicule? 


Jennifer Garrison Brownell

It was not one thing, but all the day’s little annoyances that combined to feel completely overwhelming.

God Hates Figs (Satire Alert)

Matt Laney

This is not a message I want to deliver, but the Bible leaves me no choice. There is no politically correct alternative.


Mary Luti

Some people find confession depressing. They want to hear that they're good, and getting better all the time. They want church to further their self-improvement projects. I'm not so keen on that.

The Kindness of a Hermit

Matt Fitzgerald

God, thank you for the ways your "yes" is always being echoed on this earth.