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Quinn G. Caldwell

You know what would make Christianity a lot easier?


Emily C. Heath

Ever have an incredible spiritual experience? One where you felt the presence of God so close to you?

Can You Keep a Secret?

Vince Amlin

Here's the secret about secrets.

Only the Pure In Heart

Kenneth L. Samuel

I grew up in a church where it was of utmost importance to keep the differences between the sacred and the secular very clear.  

You Don't Need More Storage Space

Lillian Daniel

You don't need more storage. You need less stuff.

You Won't Despise a Broken Heart!

Richard L. Floyd

The ashes of Ash Wednesday remind us of our mortality; the one prerequisite for resurrection is death, something we will all face in time.

Look Back in Wonder

Talitha Arnold

When you hike the Grand Canyon, you're walking through literally billions of years of time and almost every eco-system on the planet, down to the center of the earth and back.

The Importance of Being with Friends

Lillian Daniel

There was a story a while back about a guy on Facebook who had about 900 friends, and he invited them all to a party.


Anthony B. Robinson

Holy ground is not safe. It is full of mystery and magic and power. We aren't in control here on the mountain.

I Promise

Kenneth L. Samuel

Those to whom promises are made must keep faith in the promise as well.