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’Twas the Week before Synod

'Twas the week before Synod and through the church house,
all the people were scurrying to get everything out;
the Baltimore shipment was sent over there,
with hopes that the boxes arrive on time; with care;
The delegates nestled all snug in their beds;
while visions of resolutions alight in their heads;

And Sue with her polity; John having a nap*,
preparing their brains for chaos to unwrap…

When all through the Facebook arose such a clatter,
PIC lept to the scene to see what was the matter,
Away to the page, they clicked with a flash
sorting through the comments; moderating the trash…
There it was; alight with a certain blue glow,
posted, unveiling a fresh new logo

Then under the post, wandering eyes will see clear:
the comments! discussion! the dread! and the fear!
"They are changing the church!" one person exclaimed,
and searched all around for one to be blamed.
Pulling from memory, he shouted their names,
calling out anyone instigating change:
"It's MESA! Tri-Conference! the internet! Fix it!
Restructure! The Giving! or politics, that's it!

To the top of the page, his comments appear,
with each little "like," lending an ear.
Now what's a church loving person to do?
When such massive strife caused by something so new?
To Baltimore, baby, we'll bring all the signs,
discussing them with covenantal guidelines.

As leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
the planes they lifted and took towards the sky,
So up with Southwest, the travelers flew
(it's a hub in Baltimore, seasoned flyers knew)
With visitors, delegates and denominational staff
Carrying buttons, give aways, stuff for a laugh;
Identifying church siblings aligned on the way,
while leaving the airport and heading to pray.

And then with a twinkling we heard from the hall,
The hope and the yearning: "A Just World for All,"
For working together to bring this about,
We need voices of difference and voices of doubt,
Extra listening to those whom power neglects
and learning to name our own privilege unchecked.

Our work for the world imagined by Christ,
Means some old ways of doing will be sacrificed
It's bigger than logos; more important than words
and will happen regardless of a vote of two-thirds

The kindom of God! before us recall;
the work of alignment is bridges not walls!
and as we pull together the finishing touches,
loving our neighbor and God with all of our muchness,

We lift prayers for the prep, the travel, the mission;
activists, preachers, exhibitors, musicians,
From the National Staff, up preparing all night:
"Happy Synod to all, and to all a good flight!"

Sparking Ministry Conversations

Have you talked to your congregation about Synod?
Do you know what resolutions are out there?
Who's the delegate for your conference?

*Rev. Sue Artt is the moderator for General Synod 2017, and Rev. John Dorhauer is the General Minister and President.

About the Author
The Rev. Chris Davies is the point person for congregational assessment, support, and advancement at the national offices of the UCC. She loves church deeply, and wants to help vision how we can transform the world, for the sake of the Gospel.

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