United Church of Christ

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Summer Communities of Service

Ten-year-old children breaking out into song and dance; preschoolers lighting up in awe at writing their ABCs; teenagers finding a safe space to be who they are – Summer Communities of Service interns are there.  

Discernment is the Roadmap

The Church needs appropriate resources to identify, empower, support and hold accountable faithful, effective, excellent, and healthy clergy leaders. 

Getting Comfortable with Mystery

The most important thing to know about Job is that it was written as a play, a piece of literary art, and it addresses the hardest question of faith –– why bad things happen to good people. 

Rebuilding for the future

On Main Street in Louisville, the architecture is fascinating.

Clergy Health

How healthy is your pastor? 

Children: There Is No Future Without Them

I attended Faith Forward, a conference for progressive thinking church people who are involved in church based faith formation of children and youth. 

Personally Connected

Our youth want to change the world for good with God.

I Am Enough

I wish someone could just tell me what to do for the rest of my life, and then hire me for that, and then pay me well.

What you do changes lives!

I have the most amazing job.

Called to be Great

This morning, I had breakfast with a pastor of a large congregation in Atlanta.