United Church of Christ

July 2014

Currently, MESA is noting an increased interest in chaplaincy and specialized ministries within the United Church of Christ.

June 2014

On the occasion when I'm asked to talk about Local Church Ministries with a youth group or confirmation class that is touring the UCC National Offices, I use the image of the table to describe LCM's role in the United Church of Christ.

May 2014

Please hold in prayer the Habakkuk Group, which meets on June 3-5 to begin its multi-year discernment work, even as we continue to hold all of you in prayer for your wise and patient work as Committees on Ministry in the processes of discernment for authorization and oversight.

April 2014

On this Easter Monday, we celebrate with Mary Magdalene, "I have seen the Lord!" (John 20:18), and in this edition of the COMma newsletter, we celebrate the experiences of Christ that come in many spaces of ministry.

March 2014

Welcome to the COMma newsletter! The Ministerial Excellence, Support & Authorization (MESA) Team is delighted to share this monthly resource on authorized & authorizing ministry with you. We're especially pleased to be reaching many of you for the first time, as we corrected the technical glitch that was limiting COMma’s distribution. This newsletter is also newly mobile responsive, so it has improved readability on your smartphones.