United Church of Christ

February 2016

The work of conducting a Fitness Review is one of the more spiritually, emotionally, and logistically taxing responsibilities of Committees on Ministry.

January 2016

In celebration of the new year, I draw your attention to several new resources available from MESA.

December 2015

This Christmas, give the gift of a scholarship application to your Members in Discernment (MIDs)!

November 2015

This month, the MESA (Ministerial Excellence, Support & Authorization) Team highlights two particular programmatic resources that MESA provides to support your work with Members in Discernment and authorized ministers.

October 2015

When the Habakkuk Group hosted an open forum during General Synod in Cleveland this past summer, we invited questions about the group's process as well as people’s hopes & concerns for the Manual on Ministry. These are some of the questions asked of the Habakkuk Group during the forum.

September 2015

It's a joy for the Ministerial Excellence, Support & Authorization (MESA) Team to be in ministry with you and to serve as a support to you in this work of authorization and oversight. Sometimes that joy is expressed through the smallest acts…

August 2015

The good standing of an authorized minister may be (1) active, (2) leave of absence, or (3) retired, all of which are considered equally to be forms of good standing and all of which may be transferred between Associations.

July 2015

As you well know, the work of Committees on Ministry is ever in dialogue with and responding to the work of General Synod. From MESA Team Leader Holly MillerShank, a reminder of work from General Synod 29 (Long Beach, CA in 2013) that impacts your work as Committees on Ministry.

June 2015

It's Synod time, and we look forward to seeing many of you in Cleveland very soon! For those attending, please join MESA for the following events during General Synod.

May 2015

Last month, the Habakkuk Group (the 17-person committee charged with re-visioning the Manual on Ministry) had its third gathering in Cleveland. Since the Habakkuk Group first met in June 2014, much of our time has been spent on the work of grounding our understanding of authorized ministry deeply in our theological, biblical & historical traditions, with attention to and ongoing questions about our present and future contexts for authorized ministry.