United Church of Christ

August 2018

Excellent communication is an essential value of COM work, and that value is expressed in the ways that Committees keep records and communicate with individuals seeking or holding standing, congregations or other ministry settings, and other settings of the United Church of Christ (including other Committees on Ministry).

July 2018

Dual Standing and Privilege of Call are temporary forms of standing/status for ministers credentialed in other denominations, but they are different and have different endpoints.

June 2018

As part of the new Manual on Ministry, the Habakkuk Group helped to develop a new Ministerial Code by which all clergy would be held accountable.

May 2018

The MESA team has recently released A Sure Foundation – a collection of best practices for the relationship between pastors and congregations.

April 2018

In 2017, a draft of the re-visioned Manual on Ministry was presented by the Habakkuk Group for conversation across the United Church of Christ.

March 2018

This week, a newly-elected Committee on Ministry chair called me to ask for input on a brief COM orientation she planned to lead. “I’m so glad you asked!” I replied.

February 2018

This month, the COMma newsletter shares specific information from Rev. Stephen Boyd, the Minister for Chaplains and Ministers in Specialized Settings, about the Clinical Pastoral Education component of Board Certification for hospital chaplains:

January 2018

The Ministerial, Excellence, Support and Authorization Ministry Team (MESA) is pleased to host Members in Discernment (MIDs) at the Church House in Cleveland on April 12-13, 2018.

December 2017

Leave of Absence is a formal category of standing for an Ordained Minister who is neither actively seeking nor engaged in professional ministry for a temporary season.

November 2017

The decisions of a Committee on Ministry directly impact whether a candidate or authorized minister may circulate a UCC Ministerial Profile. Following a Committee on Ministry’s assessment of a candidate’s readiness for authorized ministry in and on behalf of the UCC and subsequent to the affirmation of that assessment by an Ecclesiastical Council, candidates may circulate a ministerial profile.