United Church of Christ

July 2020

The Member in Discernment Portfolio

June 2020

When there’s violence in our streets and systems of injustice threatening the lives of God’s people, we do what we can to bring transformation and healing.

May 2020

 The core competencies and essential functions of a Committee on Ministry and its members instructs Committees on Ministry (COMs) to practice discernment and prayer and to model discernment to the rest of the Church.

April 2020

It is a confusing Eastertide for many of us, having experienced a different sort of Easter joy in the midst of so much sorrow, illness, and global uncertainty.

March 2020

Dear Committee on Ministry Members,

Many of you find yourselves in a destabilizing time right now, with pressing work before you, increased responsibilities (and steep learning curves for many) in other arenas of life, and concern about the health and safety of so many.

February 2020

“I don’t know who I am apart from my identity as pastor.

January 2020

Blessings of Epiphany to you. Blessings of shadows and light, revealing, illuminating, and celebrating!

November 2019

Committees on Ministry are entrusted with the support and accountability of ministers in the UCC.

October 2019

Cheryl (not her real name) has a calling to the specialized work of intentional interim ministry in parish settings.

September 2019

I attended the Annual Gathering of the Southern California Nevada Conference this past June and was reminded of something that I have heard on many of my trips throughout the UCC. 

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