United Church of Christ

January 2020

Blessings of Epiphany to you. Blessings of shadows and light, revealing, illuminating, and celebrating!

November 2019

Committees on Ministry are entrusted with the support and accountability of ministers in the UCC.

October 2019

Cheryl (not her real name) has a calling to the specialized work of intentional interim ministry in parish settings.

September 2019

I attended the Annual Gathering of the Southern California Nevada Conference this past June and was reminded of something that I have heard on many of my trips throughout the UCC. 

July 2019

“Dear COM Chair, I have a real issue with the pastor. No, I can’t go to the Pastoral Relations Committee – they are all the pastor’s yes-people.”

June 2019

This month, MESA is finalizing preparations for General Synod 32 in Milwaukee, WI. Later this week, people from all over the United Church of Christ (and some ecumenical guests!) will gather in the Wisconsin Center to build community, to worship together in the presence of God, to pray and make decisions that speak to the United Church of Christ (but not for it), and to celebrate all that God is doing in our midst.

May 2019

The changing landscapes of church and denominational life in the 21st century impact many aspects of congregations, including ways that congregations are formed, reformed, and live in covenant with one another.

April 2019

Easter Greetings! This newsletter comes to you a week late to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus (and in recognition that during Holy Week, many such emails go unopened).

March 2019

Many Committees on Ministry struggle with cultivating effective Ecclesiastical Councils, whether because they have a hard time getting a quorum, the questions that get asked are not appropriate for the forum (“How would you help our youth group grow?”), or the candidates themselves are not adequately prepared. 

February 2019

"This individual has a call to spiritual direction and wants to go into private practice – can we ordain them to that call?” “Is a part-time call eligible for ordination?” “Can we ordain this candidate to a volunteer position?” “This person wants to start a new UCC church; is this something to which we can ordain them?”