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Books of the Bible: Numbers

In the age of Covid-19, we find ourselves facing new, unfamiliar territory. We wonder if we – and our world – will be crushed like bugs underneath a giant pandemic.

There is more than enough Spirit to go around. Because a people empowered can always do more together than the most gifted leader. We can’t do it all on our own.

Every congregation, every social justice organization, has earth-shattering crises when we fall on our faces in despair, in exhaustion, in shame, in humility, in prayer.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needsYou can need meat and be grateful for manna at the same time. So thank God for the basics, and thank God, too, for those things essential for full—not just minimal—life.

It seems to me that we’ve been ‘social distancing’ as Americans for quite some time now. Polarization, breaking into camps and tribes. Leaders sowing division to hold onto power.

Maybe it was a miracle. Maybe it was magic. Or maybe it was this: maybe Moses just forced them to truly examine at what they were dealing with: not vampires, but snakes.

Any evaluation of a person without regard for that person’s core values is incomplete. Incomplete assessments of who people are, beyond what they possess, leads us into battles.

Your belief that you’re supposed to accomplish it all—end racism, fix the environment, overcome all your issues, whatever—before you die? It’s not going to work out.

Anne Hoffman

You are bone tired.

John Nelson

Long journeys can reveal, deeply, the nature of the traveler.