United Church of Christ

Books of the Bible: Matthew

Emily C. Heath

Humility isn't in vogue in our culture.

Ron Buford

"Don't miss this special time right now."

Vicki Kemper

Does your church cause such a holy ruckus that your neighbors beg you to leave? Or do they even know you're there? 

John A. Nelson

Really? Jesus said "Follow me" and Matthew walked away from everything and followed?

Kenneth L. Samuel

"Momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Matt Fitzgerald

Our dentist is next to Alinia, the sixth best restaurant in the world.

Emily C. Heath

It's new year's eve in the church.

Lillian Daniel

My father was not a good cook, but he believed himself to have certain "specialties."

Matt Laney

For my twenty-sixth birthday, my wife (of two weeks) got us both arrested.

Kenneth L. Samuel

My Pentecostal/Holiness upbringing was full of religious traditions and restrictions.