United Church of Christ

Books of the Bible: Matthew

Kenneth L. Samuel

If there is a continuous disconnect between what we say we value in our hearts and how we spend our dollars, then perhaps we're just not being true.

Molly Baskette

How can we, in this life, accept sorrow, even keening sorrow, as the consequence of having really loved someone, and continuing to love them even though they’re on a plane we cannot reach?

Mary Luti

An outspoken friend of mine used to be a loud presence on social media.

Christina Villa

Whatever happened to the sacred?  People seem suspicious of it. 

Martin B. Copenhaver

A mark of maturity—at whatever age—is the movement from more I and me language to more we and our language.

Matt Fitzgerald

Grace comes in the most unlikely guise. Christ comes when we least expect him. "Like a thief in the night." Or a plumber at a deathbed.

Mark Winters

I was a righteous child. I knew I was going to grow up and rid the world of injustice. Which is probably why I didn't have a lot of friends as a kid.

Emily C. Heath

The Christian life is a long journey, full of challenge, full of opportunities to quit. There are times when you wonder "is this worth it"?

Quinn G. Caldwell

Holy Saturday is a day for silence.

Jennifer Garrison Brownell

Here's what I say I believe about prayer. I believe that when you or I pray, it changes us and it changes God, too.