United Church of Christ

Books of the Bible: Hebrews

Richard L. Floyd

I was overcome with emotion, because I knew they weren't cheering for me.

Lillian Daniel

Everything we do in church ought to include the possibility that this is not a show we put on for one another, but a powerful connection between all of humanity and God.

Jennifer Brownell

We all contain the capacity for both bravery and fear.  That is why sometimes we run toward God, and sometimes slink away.

Tony Robinson

Drifting down a river on a hot July day is a pretty great thing to do. But drifting isn't always cool.

Donna Schaper

Thanksgiving Day is approaching and everyone's mind has turned to sides and strays . . . . The experimentation is all in the sides and strays.  

Emily C. Heath

The moment the Supreme Court decision reached us in Cleveland, the entire room broke out into applause, tears, and praise.

John A. Nelson

Is it truly impossible for someone who has believed and then "fallen away" to ever regain God's favor? Does God really divide the world into the saved and the damned?

Mary Luti

Jesus may have been without sin, but he's never expected you to be.

Richard L. Floyd

"The commonwealth of heaven becomes more dear with each loss below." I took comfort from those words, and on many occasions since when I have lost someone to death.

Vince Amlin

Everywhere we turn, we are offered opportunities for resistance training.