United Church of Christ

Books of the Bible: Genesis

Lillian Daniel

Cells differentiate, just like people do.

Matt Fitzgerald

The world needs a church audacious enough to gather in the name of Christ, yet humble enough to say we don't quite know what we're talking about.

Talitha Arnold

When we are hurt—either by another's actions, our own choices, or some combination of the two; what do we do?

Matt Laney

God shows astounding mercy and compassion for Cain after his horrible crime.  Just as God provided protective clothing for Adam and Eve after their big mistake, so God protects Cain after his. 

Molly Baskette

Sunday afternoons are a wasteland. Somehow, there is always not enough energy and too much day left at the end of the day on Sunday afternoons.

Molly Baskette

Sometimes my kids ask me: Mom, if you could live in any age, what age would you live in? Totally this one, I say.

Mary Luti

Running from reckonings is what we do. But they breathe down our necks anyway.

Quinn G. Caldwell

When the author of Genesis wants to indicate the nothingness of the time before creation, he describes an earth with no one to plant and garden it.

Quinn G. Caldwell

There are a lot of people out there who talk and think and act just like you do, but most of them don't.

Quinn G. Caldwell

One of the annoying things about growing up is that the more you figure out how to do, the more people expect you to do.