United Church of Christ

Books of the Bible: Genesis

Kaji Dousa

God doesn't need a comfortable spot. God can, and will, go anywhere you need God to be.

Donna Schaper

At our highest and deepest humanity, we are caretakers of creation. We were given magnificence.  We forgot to rotate the tires.

Kaji Douša

Struggle with God and watch yourself be transformed.

Jennifer Brownell

Whoever set the fire in our building figured it would scare us, or inconvenience us, or even stop us.

Lillian Daniel

A mother makes a cake for a special occasion and she tells her two kids, "That cake is not for you. It's for the church supper tonight. So do not touch it!" 

Vicki Kemper

Kids. You just never know.

Mary Luti

Sometimes we have to trust the sufficiency of tears.

Lillian Daniel

God could have created us like little house cats, where God would deliver a little bowl of water, a little bit of food and a garden full of cat nip.

Matt Laney

God helps those who cannot help themselves.

Matt Laney

Although Adam enjoyed a stress-free existence in a tropical paradise, he was alone. For the first time, God looked at creation and said, "That's not good."