United Church of Christ

Books of the Bible: 1 Samuel

Maybe I’m not the only one who needs a song to take me to a time and place filled with promise, to remind me of the things I have already won when the world gets to be too much.

Tony Robinson

Sometimes people are skeptical that we can ever really know God’s will. But maybe the real problem is that, if we ask, we don’t like the answers we get.

Marchaé Grair

Do you ever feel underestimated?

Donna Schaper

The cathedral at Chartres is undergoing a major renovation.

Quinn G. Caldwell

I sort of fell apart during my first semester of college.

Jennifer Brownell

I recently heard that a childhood family friend, Sister Rosemary, died.

Emily C. Heath

One of my hobbies is genealogy.

Donna Schaper

Philosopher and political theorist Herbert Marcuse, 1898–1979, said that, in his time, we had developed an "authoritarian ritualization of discourse."

Tony Robinson

A friend of mine did a sermon series she called "The Ten Essentials."

Kaji Douša

He was there for the inauguration, standing before him for the prayer service.