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Advent 2—December 8

To Dream God’s Dream
Service Prayers for the Second Sunday of Advent
December 8, 2019

Call to Worship  (after Matthew 3: 1-12; Romans 15: 7)

The Reign of God is drawing near:
The prophet calls us to change our lives!

Prepare the way for the Lord:
A just and peaceful path!

Welcome one another, for Christ welcomes you:
For the glory of God!

Invocation after Matthew 11: 3-5

Holy God,
We long for your peace, and trust in your promise;
we hear your call to turn toward you,
Meet us here and fill our minds with your wisdom
and our hearts with your peace,
that our worship together
may open us to the challenge of your dream of wholeness for all.
In the Name of the One who is coming, we pray. Amen!

Call to Confession

Oh God, you call us to turn our lives around,
and work with patience and diligence to prepare the way for your Reign,
but we get discouraged and give up too soon.
Holy One, Have mercy.

Oh God, you call us to collaborate in community
to prepare the way your Reign,
but we neither trust nor honor the gifts of others.
Christ, have mercy.

Oh God, you call us to be full of joyful confidence
to prepare the way for your Reign,
but we burden ourselves with anxiety and fear.

Holy One, have mercy.

(a moment of silent prayer)

Forgive us, O God, and lead us in the ways of patience, community and joy.

Assurance of Pardon

Hear the good news: Jesus, savior from sin, is present with us
in the painstaking work of the Reign of God
forgiving our weakness, rebuilding our relationships, restoring our
Let us celebrate this great grace by offering to one another
a sign of Christ’s peace.

Passing the Peace

Call to Offering

The Ruler of Peace coming, the prophet Isaiah says,
and we await that Gift of God together;
our gifts today in this season of waiting and hope 
help us to strengthen one another and to offer hope to the world
as we look forward to that great day of everlasting joy.
Let us gather our gifts together and present them as an offering to God.

Prayer of Dedication

With these gifts, dear God, accept the praise and thanksgiving of our
which rejoice in your goodness and love.
Let our gifts point to your presence in the world, and further your
dream for the world through Jesus, Emmanuel, God-with-us.


Go forth in peace, alert for the signs of the reign of God:
Wait in hope, turn toward love, practice justice,
Have confidence in the Good God.

To Dream God’s Dream: Service Prayers for the Second Sunday of Advent,  was written by the Rev. Susan A. Blain, Minister  for Worship and Gospel Arts, Justice and Local Church Ministries UCC.

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