Shine, God's People

Now's the Time to Shine!

The UCC is 50 years bold and it’s time to shine!

Join other UCC congregations in exploring five historic commitments of the UCC: united and uniting, multiracial and multicultural, accessible to all, open and affirming, and a peace with justice church. The guide offers a chapter for each of the five commitments.

Check out the latest information on how Shine has been used throughout the UCC.  Discover about other churches, our 50th anniversary General Synod, and future plans.  See Shine Summary.

Use Shine, God's People in church school settings, board meetings, retreats, or other groups. Then, report back online and let other congregations know how you live out the commitments. You can even discover how other churches in the UCC shine.

Shine is available both online and as a 38-page study guide.  Order guides from UCCR, toll free at 800.537.3394, for $5.00 each plus handling & shipping (order #LCMCV2).

Each of the following chapters may be downloaded or printed.

 An Introduction to Shine, God's People
 How to Use this Guide
 Shine, God's People Join Others in Christ (We are a united and uniting church)
 Shine, God's People of All Races, Cultures, and Nations (We are a multiracial and multicultural church)
 Shine, God's People Differently Gifted in Mind and Body (We are a church accessible to all)
 Shine, God's People, Whole and Holy, Loving Faithfully (We are an open and affirming church)
 Shine, God's People Struggling for Justice and Peace (We are a peace with justice church)
 Credits and more information

 Complete Guide

Other ways to shine!
 Check out the summary update for the Shine project
 Download free "Shine, God's People" poster
 Tell others about your church with the Shine! questionnaire
 Participate in the Shine! forum
 Discover how other congregations shine
 Share in a worship service of prayer and conversation around our historic commitments