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United Church of Christ and Muslim leaders have urged a key U.S. senator to support a bill that would lift a ban on travel to the United States and limit presidential authority to order such bans.

United Church of Christ people were among activists from four New England states – and from several religious traditions – who walked long miles to a federal detention center in Dover, N.H., protested U.S. immigration policies and waved to appreciative detainees.

The book "Evicted" and a General Synod speech have inspired United Church of Christ members in Indianapolis to keep two families from losing their home – and to start a fund to do more of the same.

People who use drugs may not come to mind immediately when United Church of Christ members think of values like Extravagant Welcome or Love of Neighbor. A growing community of UCC people is working to change that.

When a young man died of an opioid overdose this summer, the harm reduction movement in the United Church of Christ helped his parents cope with their unimaginable grief and share hope with their son's community.

By the carload and vanload, United Church of Christ members and friends regularly make one-hour trips from Claremont, Calif., to befriend detainees at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement center in the desert town of Adelanto. Thanks in part to a UCC Neighbors in Need grant, they connect the immigrants with legal counsel, accompaniment to hearings, release bonds, and, just as important, hope.

Dyslexia doesn't just make it hard to read. Sometimes it makes a kid feel left out. In Northeast Wisconsin, students and their parents can turn to a church for dyslexia support, thanks, in part, to the United Church of Christ's Neighbors in Need offering.

United Church of Christ ministers were among those giving public voice to grief and a desire to end violence in the aftermath of mass shootings Aug. 3 and 4 in El Paso, Tex., and Dayton, Ohio.

A hundred children crowded around tables at First Congregational United Church of Christ, bagging up stuff to give away. Except for the national TV cameras, it was just another busy summer weekday at the church in downtown Elyria, Ohio – a small city facing rural as well as rust-belt challenges and blessed by multiple gifts.

It won't be the first time Harold Beer has steered clear of fossil fuels on his way to a United Church of Christ General Synod. He biked to Synods twice. This time Beer and his wife, Marcia, UCC members from Michigan, will put in at Muskegon and sail their 27-floot sloop across Lake Michigan to to the 2019 Synod, meeting in Milwaukee June 21-25.