United Church of Christ

Study and Immersion

1. Enter a period of study and immersion.

Through visits, immersive experiences, readings, educational forums and reflection, allow these learning experiences to form the foundation of you work moving forward. Read more...

Worship and the Kairos Moment

2. Plan inspired worship that continually focuses attention on this kairos moment.

Ideas for Earth Day service or creating a Kairos moment each week. Read more...

Environmental Justice History and Zero Waste

3. Know Your Environmental Justice History and Become a Zero Waste Church

Learn about the connection between toxic waste and racism, and check out resources for reducing your congregation's waste. Read more...

Cultivate for Justice

4. Cultivate gardens, landscapes, and appetites in the struggle for justice.

Ideas for community gardens, creating food opportunities, utilizing church landscape to pull carbon, and more. Read more...

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